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A Doctor of Philosophy degree in management (PhD) is the highest educational credential that can be achieved in the field. Common variants include Doctor of Management (DMgt) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). The types of courses included in these programs include quantitative and qualitative research methods, academic writing seminars, and independent research techniques specifically pertaining to the management and organizational psychology.

Online PhD in Management and Admin Degrees

A PhD in management, Doctor of Management (DM), or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in management is the highest degree awarded in the field of business. Typically, this degree is reserved for individuals wishing to pursue academic research or teaching careers as professors at management or business schools. Below are top accredited online colleges offering PhD degrees in management.

Walden University
DBA: Healthcare Mgmt
DBA: HR Management
DBA: Project Management

Walden University -- Walden University's unique PhD programs in project management and human resources management, accounting, and finance are among the many doctoral programs in management offered online. These programs are specialized enough to stand out on a resume for teaching or professional positions, but broad enough to include a multidisciplinary approach to the field of management that will benefit any career.

Northcentral University
DBA in Management
DBA in Project Mgmt
PhD in HR Management

Northcentral University -- The PhD in HR Management program at Northcentral University is a specialized program that focuses on HR information systems, compensation and staffing, professional development, labor relations and legal issues. The DBAs in Management and Project Management prepare students for senior management positions in which they will have to troubleshoot, manage, evaluate systems and programs, and effectively lead.

Capella University
PhD in Management
PhD in Project Mgmt
PhD in I.T. Mgmt
PhD in I.T. Project Mgmt

Capella University -- Capella University offers a PhD degree in General Organization and Management, as well as a PhD in project management, PhD in IT management, and PhD in IT project management. These degrees are increasingly valuable in today's economy, increasing the odds of winning jobs that require highly specialized and well educated workers.

Liberty University
DBA in Project Mgmts

Liberty University -- The DBA in Leadership gives students the information and qualifications they need to create and manage their own businesses, or go into venture analysis, business development consulting, business brokerage and business banking. Students have also gone on to consulting careers. The DBA in International Business combines information on effective policy making and management from a global standpoint. The DBA in Project Management prepares students for careers in high level management and consulting in information systems development.

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PhD in Management 101

A PhD in management is a great tool for those who want to teach at the college level or improve their chances of an upper management or executive position. It is most commonly associated with the former and that is what this degree was originally designed for. Most PhD in management programs study business, management, and the trends that affect both. More modern versions of this degree include leadership, organization, and other integral pieces of management. Think of a PhD in management as an extension of management and leadership for those who want to learn about the latest techniques and trends for business. Most of these programs have a mix of returning students and students who are fresh from their master’s degrees. Many of the top PhD in management programs prohibit students from participating part time and require a full time commitment.

Do I Need an MBA to Enroll in a PhD in Management Program?

Some schools require you have an MBA to participate in a PhD in management program, while others simply require a master’s degree. Aside from MBA students, common degrees are communications, public relations, marketing, and advertising. All of these areas require superb leadership to bring ideas together and delegate tasks.

What Do You Learn in a PhD in Management Program?

PhD in management programs have their roots in social sciences, studying areas like economics, sociology, anthropology, and psychology. These programs examine the how and why of business trends according to social outlook and the direction we’re moving as a society. This is a fascinating field and this degree focuses on the research behind this subject. It’s imperative for students to understand that a PhD in management program does not solely revolve around how to conduct business. Instead, it is examining and assessing the social science aspect of business. This is a changing field at the moment because technology is greatly affecting how we do business and how a target demographic is understood by those working in marketing and advertising.

Typical courses for this program include:

  • Ethics
  • Legal studies
  • Finance
  • Strategy
  • Statistics
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare management
  • Accounting

There are other areas some programs may explore such as operations management and operations research, and information technology management.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a PhD in Management?

The majority of PhD programs take four to five years to complete. It can take longer if a student is participating in a program part time. The first portion of the PhD program focuses on course work which takes about two years. This includes regular classes and seminars, and also has a exam at the end. The latter portion of the program involves the dissertation, which can be a long process for students. It is an independent project that students complete outside of the classroom, whether the program is traditional or conducted online. The dissertation usually takes two or three years to complete.

Are There Fellowships for PhD in Management Programs?

Through traditional schools, there are many fellowships and scholarships available for PhD students. Students are given a stipend for living expenses during the course of the PhD program. This is only for students who are enrolled full time and meet the many requirements by the department. There are a limited number of fellowships and scholarships to give out, so there are usually students that are not receiving funding for completing the program. Information on fellowships and scholarships are available on the program’s website. You can also set up an appointment with an academic advisor for additional information on financial help from a program. A fellowship requires students to keep a certain GPA while they’re in school and often include working for the department either as a teacher’s assistant or similar capacity for a certain number of hours a week.

Are There Online PhD in Management Programs?

Because the PhD in management program has grown, there are now many online outlets to obtain this degree. Understand most of these degrees take the angle of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree versus the traditional PhD in management degree. Most of these online programs focus on leading organizations and groups, implementing new business practices and learning how technology is changing the face of business. At a traditional school, these areas of study would fall under a DBA curriculum versus a PhD in management program. Some online schools will offer the DBA instead of a PhD in management because traditionally, the two are very different degrees. The PhD in management focuses on theoretical research of business and business practices, while the DBA is about applying this research to modern business tactics. DBA programs usually take two to three years to complete, making it a considerably shorter program than the standard PhD.

What Do I Look For in an Online PhD in Management Program?

When researching schools and programs, look for those accredited by regional organizations. These are the same organizations that accredit traditional schools. This is what matters most once you’re looking for a job that utilizes your degree. Most programs state their accreditation source on their website. The majority of PhD in management programs at traditional schools have been around for quite some time. Developed programs usually mean quality instructors who know how to conduct online courses. An instructor’s experience plays a major role in how a student learns for online courses. It’s important for the teacher to create a level of engagement that keeps students interested and allows them to have an open forum for questions and discussions. A large part of any PhD setup is discussion with other students. For online programs this takes place virtually, on a message board. Students are encouraged to talk about lessons, current events and business models that are changing in the public eye.

Are Online PhDs as Reputable as Traditional PhDs?

As with any other degree, as long as it is from an accredited school, it does not matter that you obtain the degree online. The vast majority of schools will accept teaching candidates who are qualified and have the teaching experience to take over a college level classroom. Participating in a traditional program allows you to gain experience since you will likely serve as a TA through a portion of your PhD journey. If you are obtaining the degree online, you can talk to a local community college or university about spending a few hours a week assisting a professor. You may not gain credit for this in your own PhD program (nor will you be paid), but it will give you the experience you need to apply to teaching jobs once you graduate.

Are There Prerequisites for a PhD in Management Program?

Any PhD in management or business, or the DBA, require the Graduate Management Assessment Test (GMAT). This is a very difficult test that examines how a student is likely to do in business school. Those seeking a MBA have to take the GMAT, so you may be able to use that same score if you follow your master’s degree with an application to a PhD program. Nearly all programs require the GMAT, though some online programs do not. When it comes to the online programs that omit the GMAT, it’s important to check the school’s accreditation. Sometimes this can be a sign of an unaccredited school. Other prerequisites might include a letter of recommendation and an essay on prior business experiences and why you’re looking to obtain a PhD in management. The prerequisites for a DBA are very similar and also involve submitting GMAT scores.

What is the Job Outlook for Having a PhD in Management?

Many students who finish a PhD in management will go on to become professors. This may be difficult depending on where you live, as most professors stay in their positions for their entire career. It is not uncommon for a teacher to stay at a university for decades. Because of this, it’s imperative those seeking employment go where the jobs are. Working at a community college is also an option and often pays well since more rural areas are less likely to have candidates who are fit for the position. For those who complete a DBA, most return to their previous jobs and soon move to a higher position within the same company. Those seeking a DBA are not usually looking to leave their jobs, but rather increase their qualifications for higher paying jobs with more responsibility.

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