Learning from the masters is a time-tested way to excel in any profession, and it is especially relevant in the field of management. Some of the best project managers, CEOs, executive coaches, and leadership experts share their accumulated years of wisdom regularly via Twitter. Following the best of the best in management and business is not only a great way to keep up with best practices, it is also an excellent way to meet potential business partners, mentors, or employers. Twitter has a robust community of managers and businesspeople who are always on the lookout for new opportunities. Participating in that community fosters those mutually beneficial connections.

The individuals on this list are the best in their fields. They are experts in a wide range of management and business related topics, including:

  • Project Management
  • Staffing, Hiring, And Team Building
  • Business Strategy & Growth

They have been categorized by their primary field of expertise, and are listed in order of Twitter follower count in each category, though many of these individuals have skills across multiple fields.

Corporate Strategy & Innovation

Developing the long term strategy of a company to keep it relevant both in the moment and far into the future requires risk analysis, foresight, and a deep understanding of the company’s industry. Truly stellar executives don’t get there without a lot of trial and error, and the value that experience can bring to any company is enormous.

  1. Tony Hsieh

    Tony Hsieh

    Tony Hsieh is the CEO of and also masterminded “Delivering Happiness,” a book and website devoted to detailing how happiness can be used at a model for business and personal life. He is widely respected as a brilliant manager, businessman, and innovator.

    Follow on Twitter: @tonyhsieh

  2. Tim O’Reilly

    Tim O'Reilly

    Tim O’Reilly is the founder of O’Reilly Radar, which is a site committed to compiling analysis and research related to emerging technologies, specifically the ways they can be used to better business practices. Also as the CEO and founder of O’Reilly Media, he has a proven record for being able to show how a media organization can thrive in the 21st century.

    Follow on Twitter: @timoreilly

  3. David Williams

    David Williams

    David Williams is the CEO of Fishbowl, which has designed leading inventory management software for SMB’s and asset tracking solutions. David took over Fishbowl when it was a small, struggling company and his leadership was able to guide the company into the esteemed organization it is today.

    Follow on Twitter: @DavidKWilliams

  4. David Allen

    David Allen

    David Allen helps leaders and management through Getting Things Done, a management approach that stresses optimal thinking conditions through thinking about things, not merely of them. It’s this sort of perspective on thinking that helps him work with companies to find success that lasts through an approach that emphasizes mindfulness.

    Follow on Twitter: @gtdguy

  5. Anthony Gemma

    Anthony Gemma

    Anthony Gemma is a creative marketing expert that is currently running for US Congress as well. He often posts inspirational information on how to be a more effective leader and instill lasting change.

    Follow on Twitter: @AnthonyGemma

  6. Denny Santoso

    Denny Santoso is an investor and serial entrepreneur who has founded several startups in the beauty and fitness space. His expertise as a founder and a web developer gives him a broad perspective on management and leadership in business.

    Follow on Twitter: @DennySantoso

  7. Seth Godin

    Seth Godin

    Seth Godin is a highly regarded public speaker, author, and marketer. His work has helped countless individuals figure out the best approach to improving marketing in a business and is the founder of Yoyodyne and Squidoo, two renowned companies.

    Follow on Twitter: @ThisIsSethsBlog

  8. Daniel Pink

    Daniel Pink

    Daniel Pink has written five books, three of which have been #1 bestsellers on leading publication lists. His books present techniques and approaches to selling better and selling in a manner that connects individuals more intuitively. His insight has been regarded by the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Wired, and many more.

    Follow on Twitter: @DanielPink

  9. Malcolm Gladwell

    Malcolm Gladwell has been a writer at The New Yorker for almost two decades, and has authored several books about how people and businesses succeed, innovate, and evolve.

    Follow on Twitter: @Gladwell

  10. Clayton M. Christensen

    Clayton M. Christensen

    Clayton M. Christensen is a Harvard professor who has developed some of the leading ideas for today on how to be more effective policymakers, community leaders, and even innovators. Additionally, he’s the author of Measure Your Life, which aims to develop business applications for our lives.

    Follow on Twitter: @claychristensen

  11. Michael E. Porter

    Michael E. Porter

    Michael E. Porter runs the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness as part of Harvard Business School and brings an impressive amount of knowledge to the school. He tweets great articles related to business from around the internet, mixing in commentary.

    Follow on Twitter: @MichaelEPorter

  12. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Nassim Taleb carries himself in a very interesting manner on social media, often so committed to focusing on research and the furthering of ideas that he does not actively manage a website. As a renowned professor at New York University, he’s garnered reputation for his cutting-edge approaches through his books “The Black Swan” and “Antigragile: Things That Gain From Disorder”.

    Follow on Twitter: @nntaleb

  13. Don Tapscott

    Don Tapscott

    Don Tapscott is an internationally renowned authority on the strategic impact of information technology on innovation, marketing and talent. He’s been awarded the Global Solutions Award for his work in launching and leading the Global Solution Networks program at the Rotman School of Management and has co-authored 15 incredibly popular books on management.

    Follow on Twitter: @dtapscott

  14. Rosabeth Moss Kanter

    Rosabeth Moss Kanter

    As a Harvard Business School Professor, Rosabeth Moss Kanter is able to best facilitate the most innovative contemporary strategies in business. She’s written 18 books and chairs Harvard Advanced Leadership.

    Follow on Twitter: @RosabethKanter

  15. Tim Ferriss

    Tim Ferriss

    Tim Ferriss gained renown for his publication, The 4-Hour Workweek, and has been a guest lecturer at Princeton University, along with giving a TED talk. He’s incredibly active in a number of endeavors, many times education-related, but he’s also spoken extensively on high-tech entrepreneurship.

    Follow on Twitter: @tferriss

  16. Patrick Dixon

    Patrick Dixon

    Dr. Patrick Dixon has authored 15 books and his videos online have accumulated over 5 million views on the subjects of global trends and management issues. He’s lectured on countless subjects and has visited 54 nations through his conference keynote speeches.

    Follow on Twitter: @patrickdixon

  17. Heather R. Huhman

    Heather R. Huhman

    Heather R. Human is the founder and president of Come Recommended, which focuses on helping companies and brands build a strong online presence. CNN and CareerBuilder have twice named her as a “top job tweeter you should be following”, along with many other accolades.

    Follow on Twitter: @heatherhuhman

  18. Bill George

    Bill George

    Bill George is a Harvard Business School Professor and the author of four best-selling books on leadership. He has worked as an executive and board member at many large companies, including Medtronic and The Mayo Clinic, and his management expertise is unparalleled.

    Follow on Twitter: @Bill_George

  19. Bob Sutton

    Bob Sutton

    Professor Bob Sutton teaches at Stanford and has published numerous books that detail interesting aspects of improving managerial aspects. Posts on his blog go to great lengths to explain how to better achieve the highest standard for management teams.

    Follow on Twitter: @work_matters

  20. Jeff DeGraff

    Jeff DeGraff

    Jeff DeGraff has worked with some leading companies in the world, including American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, General Electric, and many more. As a well-known speaker consultant, and professor, he has helped countless management teams for the answers sought for keeping up in this rapidly changing business environment.

    Follow on Twitter: @JeffDeGraff

  21. Joseph E. Stiglitz

    Joseph E. Stiglitz

    Joseph E. Stiglitz has a variety of accreditations, ranging from being a professor at the Columbia Business School to being President of the International Economic Association. His books bring to light some downfalls of inequality, free markets, the world economy, and much more, which has propelled him to notoriety.

    Follow on Twitter: @JosephEStiglitz

  22. John Seely Brown

    John Seely Brown

    John Seely Brown is the co-chairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge, an organization devoted to helping firms obtain the consulting skills, financial advisory, and many other services that help increase efficiency. Currently, he’s also the visiting scholar at USC and previously was Chief Scientist at Xerox Corporation.

    Follow on Twitter: @jseelybrown

  23. Rita Gunther McGrath

    Rita Gunther McGrath

    Rita Gunther McGrath has been a professor at Columbia Business School for over 20 years and is a notable figure in business because of the vision she brings, particularly to approaching uncertain and volatile situations. She’s been featured in numerous academic publications and is well-awarded for the quality of her work.

    Follow on Twitter: @rgmcgrath

  24. Pankaj Ghemawat

    Pankaj Ghemawat

    Pankaj Ghemawat is a heralded global strategist, while also a professor, author and speaker. He served on the faculty at Harvard for 25 years before assuming the role of Distinguished Visiting Professor of Global Management at the Stern School of Business at New York University. He’s written over 100 research articles and case studies and is a leading author at teaching cases.

    Follow on Twitter: @PankajGhemawat

  25. Lynda Gratton

    Lynda Gratton

    Lynda Gratton is a Professor of Management Practice at the London Business School and is also the Director of the Human Resource Strategy in Transforming Companies program. She’s been published a significant number of times, with her 8 books having been translated into 15 languages. Her accolades regarding business advice have set her apart from her peers.

    Follow on Twitter: @lyndagratton

  26. Sylvia Ann Hewlett

    Sylvia Ann Hewlett

    Sylvia Ann Hewlett is the founder and CEO of the Center for Talent Innovation, which pushes research forward pertaining to talent, regardless of fender, generation, geography, culture, and other factors that have proven to be inhibitors. She’s an important figure in business, notably because she champions ideals of women in executive positions. As the co-director of the Women’s Leadership Program at the Columbia Business School, she’s made impressive contributions to a significant number of women’s lives.

    Follow on Twitter: @SAHewlett

  27. Roger L. Martin

    Roger L. Martin

    Roger L. Martin currently works as Premier’s Chair in Productivity & Competitiveness and Academic Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management. He served as Dean there for 15 years and has extensive experience with global strategy consulting firms, which attributes to his impressive renown.

    Follow on Twitter: @RogerLMartin

  28. Thomas H. Davenport

    Thomas H. Davenport

    Thomas H Davenport has a long list of accomplishments he’s garnered as he’s applied his experience to companies to retool their approach to business management. As a best-selling author on Harvard Business Review, he’s developed a significant following regarding his approach to management.

    Follow on Twitter: @tdav

  29. Luke Hohmann

    Luke Hohmann

    Luke Hohmann is the founder and CEO of Conteneo Inc., and he has a very impressive resume that underlines his aptitude in a number of arenas, from computer engineering to artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology. He uses his work also at Serious Games to find new ways to engage audiences, a skill leaders and management alike will find useful.

    Follow on Twitter: @lukehohmann

  30. Tamara J. Erickson

    Tamara J. Erickson

    Tamara J. Erickson has spent her career helping companies find further innovation and success, specifically through emerging technologies and significant research into systems thinking and organizational learning. With a background so focused on research, she has the empirical rigor to help any company refine their approach successfully.

    Follow on Twitter: @tammyerickson

  31. R. Edward Freeman

    R. Edward Freeman

    R. Edward Freeman is on the staff of the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, but is also a consultant and speaker. He specializes in Stakeholder Management, Business Ethics, and Executive Leadership and utilizes an uncanny approach that is engaging and innovative.

    Follow on Twitter: @RE_Freeman

  32. Amy C. Edmondson

    Amy C. Edmondson

    Amy C. Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School and she’s been integral to helping organization understand how to function better in the knowledge economy, while facilitating stronger human interactions in the context of workplaces. Her book Teaming presents a unique perspective on organization learning that anyone in management will find useful.

    Follow on Twitter: @AmyCEdmondson

  33. Forrest Breyfogle

    Forrest Breyfogle

    Forrest Breyfogle is the CEO of Smarter Solutions based in Austin and works to improve organizations through training and consulting efforts for leaders to improve organizational efficiency from the top-down. Their emphasis on Lean Six Sigma gives them unparalleled insight into the industry, which is how Mr. Breyfogle has been able to implement the largest impact.

    Follow on Twitter: @ForrestBreyfogl

  34. Andrew and Nada Kakabadse

    Andrew and Nada Kakabadse

    Andrew Kakabadse has been a consultant in a handful of countries and currently is engaged in a £2 million global study of boardroom effectiveness and governances practice. His experience extends into being a Professor of International Management Development at Cranfield University’s School of Management, along with being a co-editor of a notable journal.

    Follow on Twitter: @Kakabadse

  35. Richard D’Aveni

    Richard D'Aveni

    Richard A. D’Aveni is a Professor of Strategy at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and is well-published in the Harvard Business Review, as well as MIT/Sloan Management Review. His book Hypercompetition was acclaimed by notable publications such as Fortune.

    Follow on Twitter: @rdaveni

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    Project Management

    Project managers play a pivotal role in any successful business. They are responsible for organizing the team and managing the time and resources available to meet business targets without blowing the budget or schedule. Here are some of the best project management experts to follow on Twitter!

  37. Mustafa Aziz Khalifa

    Mustafa Aziz Khalifa

    Mustafa Aziz Khalifa has built up significant renown in the area of social media in recent years and he’s done a fascinating job in his ability to help companies incorporate multiple social media marketing plans across the country. His Twitter account gives the best advice on how to tactfully gain the followers one deserves.

    Follow on Twitter: @t0shiba

  38. Bernardo Tirado

    Bernardo Tirado

    Bernardo Tirado is an Industrial Psychologist, along with being a Six Sigma Blackbelt, who runs The Project Box, a site specializing in project management, sales, and social media. The site focuses on human performance management, a unique angle that has allowed them to aptly assist even fortune 100 companies.

    Follow on Twitter: @thePMObox

  39. Charles Amashta

    Charles Amashta

    Charles Amashta is a business consultant and runs His work as an internet marketer and uses his Twitter account to post various news articles related to media.

    Follow on Twitter: @camashta

  40. Saman Kouretchian

    Saman Kouretchian

    Saman Kouretchian is a consultant in the technology industry, while also being a marketing professional. He has an impressive resume of being able to help companies with social media, online marketing, creating marketing campaigns, among other areas.

    Follow on Twitter: @SamanKour

  41. Thomas Kennedy

    Thomas Kennedy

    Thomas Kennedy is a project manager and uses his blog, The PM Coach, to help other project managers learn the latest approaches to have the best chance at success. Posts on his blog include news and commentary, all through the lens of a veteran industry figure.

    Follow on Twitter: @ThePMCoach

  42. Storm Cunningham

    Storm Cunningham

    Storm Cunningham is the author of two books, a speaker, and consultant on community revitalization and natural resource restoration. He has the perspective and approach to assist community leaders with the efforts needed to reinvigorate local initiatives for long-term success.

    Follow on Twitter: @restorm

  43. Guillaume Laforge

    Guillaume Laforge

    Guillaume Laforge is an acclaimed developer with SpringSource, while also a frequent speaker at conferences on subjects of programming and developing applications. His expertise has allowed him to assist leaders and management with the most appropriate approaches for developing applications for Google App Engine.

    Follow on Twitter: @glaforge

  44. Jim Highsmith

    Jim Highsmith

    Jim Highsmith is an executive consultant with Thoughtworks, Inc. and has been involved in IT, project management, and software development for over 30 years. He’s released a number of books that stress efficiency in projects, his most recent being titled, “Agile Project Management”.

    Follow on Twitter: @jimhighsmith

  45. Ed Laccohee

    Ed Laccohee

    Ed Laccohee is the found of Controlled Projects Ltd, which was created in 1998 and has helped management improve business practices through assisting with projects, improving frameworks, and analyzing methodologies. Through improving project efficiency, they’re able to ensure companies are wasting less time and maximizing potential.

    Follow on Twitter: @EdLac

  46. Elizabeth Harrin

    Elizabeth Harrin

    Elizabeth Harrin is the author of Social Media for Project Managers, as well as Customer-Centric Project Management, and her insight into the industry has been a necessity for those looking to refine their skillsets in management. She also serves as the Director of The Otobos Group, a project communications consultancy that helps increase communication concerning PPM.

    Follow on Twitter: @pm4girls

  47. Keith Privette

    Keith Privette

    Keith Privette is well versed in project management and specializes in assisting clients in areas of emerging technologies, marketing applications and operations, and even customer service and call center operations. Since he has experience in so many areas, leadership and management can find renewed use from getting such unique perspective.

    Follow on Twitter: @keithprivette

  48. Peter Taylor

    Peter Taylor

    Peter Taylor is the author of two well-regarded publications, namely The Lazy Winner and The Lazy Project Manager. He’s focused in the last decade on writing and lecturing and has given over 200 presentations in 20 countries.

    Follow on Twitter: @thelazypm

  49. Anne Samoilov

    Anne Samoilov

    Anne Samoilov specializes in tackling unique projects and helping from the blueprint all the way to launch. Her experience as an independent consultant has given her a unique perspective for addressing the best approach to contemporary issues.

    Follow on Twitter: @annesamoilov

  50. Susanne Madsen

    Susanne Madsen

    Susanne Madsen is a Project Leadership Coach who does impressive work addressing concerns that project leaders may have concerned confidence and competence on the job. Her advice has been crucial to helping individuals develop lasting behaviors for their job.

    Follow on Twitter: @SusanneMadsen

  51. Ron Rosenhead

    Ron Rosenhead

    Ron Rosenhead is the CEO of Project Agency and works with members of management to implement innovative strategies, project management, risk management, and much more. He makes a great person to reference concerning restructuring of management productivity.

    Follow on Twitter: @ronrosenhead

  52. Luis Seabra Coelho

    Luis Seabra Coelho

    Luis Seabra Coelho is a project manager who loves to take a look at the relationship between businesses and project management. As a project manager he aims to see how the “people side” of the industry is able to have so much impact on various elements of project management.

    Follow on Twitter: @lseabra

  53. Neil A Walker

    Neil A Walker

    Neil A Walker has over 20 years of experience leading various projects, programs, and portfolios. He’s directly managed over 70 projects and had portfolio-level oversight of another 150. This experience, combined with his record of authoring notable publications on thought leadership, has propelled him to be someone desired by leaders and management in various industries.

    Follow on Twitter: @PPMpractitioner

  54. Susan de Sousa

    Susan de Sousa

    Susan de Sousa runs My Project Management Expert and has an impressive wealth of experience related to communications and technology. Firms looking to tackle daunting tasks will be impressed by the experience she brings to issues and the companies she has helped along the way.

    Follow on Twitter: @MyPMExpert

  55. Craig Brown

    Craig Brown

    Craig Brown runs Better Projects, a website devoted to increasing efficiency through higher quality projects. He’s an engaging figure on Twitter, often discussing issues with a number of individuals and posting pertinent articles.

    Follow on Twitter: @brown_note

  56. Lisa Drake

    Lisa Drake

    Lisa Drake works for a company in Reno, Nevada where she helps to manage projects related to issues such as pricing, IT, promotions, and the roll out of new products. She uses her experience to educate other students and teaches Project Management at a university locally.

    Follow on Twitter: @lisamdrake

  57. Jeanne Bradford

    Jeanne Bradford

    Jeanne Bradford co-authored the book, “Innovative Products Faster: Graphical Tools for Accelerating Product Development” and has worked at some top companies in the world, including Apple, Cisco, and Texas Instruments. Her ability as a top-notch speaker has helped convey leading techniques in the product innovation process.

    Follow on Twitter: @jeannebradford

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    Executive Coaching

    Leadership in a high pressure business environment is by nature taxing and difficult, but businesses need strong leaders who are able to make difficult decisions. There are many executive coaches and leadership experts helping C-suite managers and leaders be the best they can be.

  59. Jack Welch

    Jack Welch

    Jack Welch is one of the most recognizable names in business today and served as the CEO for GE during the largest growth the company has seen. He’s also written numerous books on how to become a more effective leader and what to do to help a business grow.

    Follow on Twitter: @jack_welch

  60. Fred Cuellar

    Fred Cuellar

    Fred Cuellar is a world-renowned expert on diamonds and even is a three-time record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records. He’s written numerous books on diamonds and the industry behind selling them. His book “Diamonds for Profit” gives impressive perspective on how to be a heralded diamond entrepreneur.

    Follow on Twitter: @FredCuellar

  61. Umair Haque

    Umair Haque

    Umair Haque is the director of the Havas Media Lab, while also being a prominent blogger on Harvard Business Review. He’s largely moved into giving various talks, speeches, and workshops on different subjects, but is currently focused on reconceiving capitalism.

    Follow on Twitter: @umairh

  62. Bryan K. O’Rourke

    Bryan K. O'Rourke

    Bryan K. O’Rourke has a wealth of accomplishments and is currently the founder and CEO of Integerus. He’s previously used his foresight to help companies, non-profits, NGO’s, and even government agencies find success and is well-published.

    Follow on Twitter: @Bryankorourke

  63. Evan Carmichael

    Evan Carmichael

    Evan Carmichael has an impressive resume and a chief goal of helping entrepreneurs become more efficient in their work. His website is committed to helping one billion entrepreneurs find success and assist brands looking to sell to small businesses.

    Follow on Twitter: @EvanCarmichael

  64. Ken Blanchard

    Ken Blanchard

    Ken Blanchard is a prominent figure when it comes to management and is one of the most sought speakers. He’s written books that have pioneered concepts such as “situational leadership” and his consulting firm has provided companies with the needed edge to take the next step in evolving.

    Follow on Twitter: @kenblanchard

  65. Mike Myatt

    Mike Myatt

    Mike Myatt is one of the most regarded CEO coaches today and has written the best-selling books “Hacking Leadership” and “Leadership Matters…”. As a Forbes leadership columnist and the founder of N2Growth, he has the experience to help CEOs allow their companies to flourish.

    Follow on Twitter: @mikemyatt

  66. Tom Peters

    Tom Peters

    Tom Peters shows people how to more aptly work towards excellence and improve their professional life, as well as their personal life. He runs Tom Peters Company, which has an impressive array of products and services for maximizing a company’s potential.

    Follow on Twitter: @tom_peters

  67. Subir Chowdhury

    Subir Chowdhury

    With over 20 years of experience as a thought leader in quality management strategy and methodology, Subir Chowdhury has outlined some of the most innovative approaches for management to improve their efficiency in the workplace. Having authored over a dozen books and worked with some of the top companies in the world, he’s done an impressive job at displaying some of the best techniques.

    Follow on Twitter: @subirchowdhury

  68. Marcus Buckingham

    Marcus Buckingham

    Marcus Buckingham runs The Marcus Buckingham Company and is also the author of numerous books, such as First, Break All the Rules. His approach emphasizes finding personal strengths and utilizing them in a context useful to businesses and one’s self.

    Follow on Twitter: @mwbuckingham

  69. Daniel Goleman

    Daniel Goleman

    Daniel Goleman is a psychologist who uses his expertise to address emotional intelligence and its impact on the workplace, specifically in the context of leadership. He is Co-Director of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, while also Co-Founder of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning.

    Follow on Twitter: @DanielGolemanEI

  70. Marshall Goldsmith

    Marshall Goldsmith

    Marshall Goldsmith helps leaders refine their esteemed skillset to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best guidance possible for their company. By stressing an approach that is equal parts practicality and innovation, Mr. Goldsmith’s company has been a huge part in changing the management landscape.

    Follow on Twitter: @coachgoldsmith

  71. Vineet Nayar

    Vineet Nayar

    Vineet Nayal presents valuable perspective on how to most effectively find the change desired when focusing on 21st century leadership. His incredible approach, which focuses on “inclusive leadership”, has spearheaded his success with leaders.

    Follow on Twitter: @vineetnayar

  72. Michael E. Gerber

    Michael E. Gerber

    Michael E. Gerber has been crucial to helping small businesses take off and runs a training workshop called The Dreaming Room in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He authored Awakening the Entrepreneur Within, which has shown small businesses how to best approach growth to be successful. He has authored a number of other successful books, including the very popular The E-Myth Revisited.

    Follow on Twitter: @MichaelEGerber

  73. Sheena Iyengar

    Sheena Iyengar

    Sheena Iyengar is the founder of The Global Leadership Matrix (GleaM), which was launched at the Columbia Business School. Additionally, she’s the Research Director at the Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business at Columbia University and has been featured on many different media outlets and was a featured speaker at the World Economic Forum.

    Follow on Twitter: @Sheena_Iyengar

  74. Jurgen Appelo

    Jurgen Appelo

    Jurgen Appelo has a variety of titles, including writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, but primarily refers to himself as a creative networker. As the author of Management 3.0, he’s done a great job of assisting management teams with how to improve the work they do.

    Follow on Twitter: @jurgenappelo

  75. Dave Ulrich

    Dave Ulrich

    Dave Ulrich is the co-founder of The RBL Group, who works ardently to reinforce organizational value through enhanced leadership capabilities, along with an incredible ability to leverage human resources. He’s well published, with over 200 articles and book chapters, as well as 25 books.

    Follow on Twitter: @dave_ulrich

  76. Johanna Rothman

    Johanna Rothman

    Johanna Rothman is an expert at identifying problems inhibiting the full potential of companies and coming up with comprehensive solutions to move past them. She’s been a huge part in assisting managers become more efficient in their positions.

    Follow on Twitter: @johannarothman

  77. Stewart Friedman

    Stewart Friedman

    Stewart Friedman is the Practice Professor of Management at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton and is the founding director of the school’s leadership program and Work/Life Integration Project. His books emphasize his competence on leadership management, and he is a highly regarded source to businesses such as Ford.

    Follow on Twitter: @StewFriedman

  78. Fons Trompenaars

    Fons Trompenaars

    Fons Trompenaars is one of the partners at the world renowned Trompenaars Hampden-Turner, a consulting firm that is focused on helping people and organizations increase their effectiveness. Their 4-step approach shows why they’re so highly regarded for innovation in the field.

    Follow on Twitter: @THTConsulting

  79. Michael B. Flint

    Michael B. Flint

    Michael B. Flint is an expert at project management, as well as a consultant, and renowned international speaker. His work has been crucial to helping organizations identify and reduce risk, while implementing more effective project management.

    Follow on Twitter: @MBF007CA

  80. Dr. Mrim Boutla

    Dr. Mrim Boutla

    Dr. Mrim Boutla is the founder of More Than Money and helps individuals pursue their dreams with less of a focus on how much money is being made and more on finding sustained happiness in a profession. She often tweets useful information for leaders to get in better tune with career opportunities.

    Follow on Twitter: @PurposeU

  81. Gary Bradt

    Gary Bradt

    Dr. Gary Bradt is a clinical psychologist, as well as author, who specializes in working with C-suite executives to give them the insight in how to properly handle the stress and responsibility of the position. He also works as a speaker and has been integral to developing leadership strategies that promote long-term growth.

    Follow on Twitter: @GaryBradt

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    The world of marketing changes unbelievably quickly, and the most skilled marketing managers know how to take advantage of this fluidity to help brands reach the next level of recognition and respect. These are some of the smartest managers and leaders in the marketing field.

  83. Scott Levy

    Scott Levy

    Scott Levy runs Fuel Internet Marketing and is the author of the hit book, Tweet Naked, which focuses on social media transparency as an approach to bettering a company. Scott is highly regarded for his skills related to improving social media exposure, a skill every manager should have.

    Follow on Twitter: @FuelOnline

  84. Ted Coine

    Ted Coine

    Ted Coine is the co-founder of Switch and Shift, which works with leadership to focus on the human side of business and ultimately improve the work environment. He uses his Twitter to explain how social media is rapidly changing business as a whole.

    Follow on Twitter: @tedcoine

  85. Scott Cullather

    Scott Cullather

    Scott Cullather has been integral at developing sustained solutions for helping brands and organizations turn the crucial corner concerning bring recognizable. The well-awarded agency has been recognized for their efforts in numerous publications.

    Follow on Twitter: @scullather

  86. Chris Abraham

    Chris Abraham

    Chris Abraham does incredible work in the realms of social media and digital PR. His company, Gerris Digital, has helped connect other companies and improve digital strategies. He tweets great information and useful commentary on some of the most pressing issues in the field.

    Follow on Twitter: @chrisabraham

  87. Lindsey Pollak

    Lindsey Pollak

    Lindsey Pollak is an expert on marketing to the Millennial generation and brings unparalleled experience to the discussion of effective marketing techniques. Her book, “Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World” equips college students preparing for a career with the experience to succeed.

    Follow on Twitter: @lindseypollak

  88. Michael Krigsman

    Michael Krigsman

    Michael Krigsman is a talented enterprise analyst who advises software vendors and startups through key marketing and position strategies. Additionally, he’s a columnist for ZDNet and has written over 1,000 pieces on enterprise software, the cloud, and much more.

    Follow on Twitter: @mkrigsman

  89. David Aaker

    David Aaker

    David Aaker is the Vice-Chairman of Prophet, a renowned global consultancy, while also being Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley. His blog also give great introspect into the most pertinent issues faced in today’s business culture.

    Follow on Twitter: @DavidAaker

  90. Khalid Al-Zanki

    Khalid Al-Zanki

    Khalid Al-Zanki is an important figure to companies looking for unique avenues to explore for increased revenue streams and more sales. He’s spoken around the world on increasing marketing results and sales performance.

    Follow on Twitter: @KhalidAlzanki

  91. Nirmalya Kumar

    Nirmalya Kumar

    Dr. Nirmalya Kumar works at Tata Sons where he’s responsible for strategy at the group level. He’s long been active in business strategies, having been a professor of marketing, as well as director of Aditya Birla India Centre at the London Business School.

    Follow on Twitter: @ProfKumar

  92. Seth Earley

    Seth Earley

    Seth Earley is the founder and CEO of Earley & Associates, while also founder of Boston Knowledge Management Firm. His impressive spanning of knowledge related to content management and knowledge management projects has allowed him to develop cutting edge practices with companies.

    Follow on Twitter: @sethearley

  93. Scott M. Davis

    Scott M. Davis

    Scott M. Davis writes for Forbes and is an integral part of Prophet. His expertise allows him to help members of management increase their effectiveness of their brand, design, and innovation.

    Follow on Twitter: @scottdavisshift

  94. Veronica Figarella

    Veronica Figarella

    Veronica Figarella is a product, marketing strategy, and sales consultant who has taken her experience, from three countries no less, to help improve business relationships. She writes for the website On Product Management, which gives great input into how companies can increase the effectiveness of products.

    Follow on Twitter: @VFigatelix

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    General Business Management

    Managers in any industry need to know how to work with people, make tough decisions, and above all get things done! Some of the best managers in every sector participate in discussions and answer questions on Twitter, and the things they post can prove invaluable to anyone pursuing education and a career in management.

  96. Shawn Murphy

    Shawn Murphy

    Shawn Murphy has made a name for himself through refining how business, leadership, and humanity come together. He’s also the host of Work That Matters a podcast devoted to helping managers, middle-managers, and start-up founders best assess how to instill more happiness and commitment in the workplace.

    Follow on Twitter: @shawmu

  97. Julie Morgenstern

    Julie Morgenstern

    Julie Morgenstern has been recognized by USA Today for her ability to help leaders get on the proper track to success and has been featured on almost every major broadcast network imaginable. Her books drive the point home of how leaders reorganize themselves in order to best lead an organization.

    Follow on Twitter: @JulieMorgenstrn

  98. Esther Derby

    Esther Derby

    Esther Derby began as a programmer, but has realized her potential for being able to effectively assist customers with problems through her consulting work. As a well-published author with over 100 articles and co-author of two books, she’s a great source for refer to for help with managing.

    Follow on Twitter: @estherderby

  99. Teresa Amabile

    Teresa Amabile

    As a Professor and the Director of Research at Harvard Business School, Teresa Amabile has had an extraordinary impact on the business world. Her books, The Progress Principle and Creativity in Context have presented some contemporary issues of today in a new light.

    Follow on Twitter: @TeresaAmabile

  100. Michael “Doc” Norton


    Michael “Doc” Norton runs DocOnDev, a website devoted to helping other individuals become better developers, while also improving efficiency through developing techniques. His tweets often provide inspirational quotes on problem solving.

    Follow on Twitter: @docondev

  101. Jena McGregor

    Jena McGregor

    Jena McGregor is a writer for The Washington Post, helping run the OnLeadership section that provides great insight into how to be a more effective leader. She’s written articles on varying subjects related to management at some of the leading companies and provides useful perspective.

    Follow on Twitter: @jenamcgregor

  102. Jeffrey Pfeffer

    Jeffrey Pfeffer

    Jeffrey Pfeffer is the highly regarded Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. He’s written for a number of publications, namely Business 2.0 and Capital. His wide-ranging experience has aptly prepared him to work with leadership and management teams looking to refine their effectiveness.

    Follow on Twitter: @JeffreyPfeffer

  103. Rachel Feintzeig

    Rachel Feintzeig

    Rachel Feintzeig is a writer for the Wall Street Journal and covers management trends and chief executives for the paper’s At Work blog. She’s previously written about bankruptcy and restructuring.

    Follow on Twitter: @rachelfeintzeig

  104. Chan Suh

    Chan Suh

    As the Chief Digital Officer at Prophet in New York City, Chan Suh has had an impressive career helping companies proper through innovative digital strategies. He co-founded, a leading organization that has assisted some of the largest companies in the world with their digital prosperity.

    Follow on Twitter: @chansuh

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