PhD in Management Salary

Just to be able to say that you hold a PhD in any field is a great achievement and accomplishment that many people will never realize. If the qualification is in management, then you are in a very promising position all around. The PhD in management option is a degree that will put you in the position for many career opportunities. Not only will you qualify for top-level positions but also salaries to match.

Factors That Affect Salary

The potential salary you could earn is dependent on many factors. Education, experience, company, and location all play a role in your earning potential. As a PhD holder, you are already in the position to land a top-level job; however the experience you have in the field is also important. Hands-on experience and work in your field is essential. The type of company and your location also help determine your salary. Expect to earn more working in the city as opposed to rural areas. For education, beginning professors generally earn learn until they’ve worked their way up to full-time professors. Obtaining tenure is another way to increase your salary in education.

For management professionals who choose another route, aside from education, the field you enter plays a big role in your salary. Most fields require skilled and qualified managers, so candidates can cater their management interests toward the field that best suits their career goals. This could be finance, human resources, or any number of other fields. Your role and title will help determine your earning potential.

Average Salary with a PhD in Management

The most common career track for someone with a PhD in management is to work as an assistant professor at a college or university while working their way up to becoming a full, tenured professor. In this position, you not only teach classes but also work on research for the university as well. Many also publish papers and books. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for post-secondary teachers was $62,050 in 2010. This position does require a PhD, and salary levels can expect to increase with experience and tenure. The BLS also states that employment in this field is expected to grow by 17 percent between 2010 and 2010, as enrollments in colleges and universities continue to increase.

Salaries for Management Careers

Not every PhD holder will decide to go into teaching and research, or may choose another career before teaching. There are many opportunities available for these highly qualified professionals. These positions may include top tier management or executive jobs, and could involve working in a number of different fields. One great aspect of a management PhD is its versatility; graduates have many options in which path to take their professional career. The following are some of these career choices, along with their corresponding medial annual salaries:

Keep in mind, that these positions and salaries are based on having a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. They don’t take into account having a PhD. This higher-level degree could help you earn even higher salaries in these fields.

Online PhD in Management and Admin Degrees

A PhD in management, Doctor of Management (DM), or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in management is the highest degree awarded in the field of business. Typically, this degree is reserved for individuals wishing to pursue academic research or teaching careers as professors at management or business schools. Below are top accredited online colleges offering PhD degrees in management.

Walden University
DBA: Healthcare Mgmt
DBA: HR Management
DBA: Project Management

Walden University -- Walden University's unique PhD programs in project management and human resources management, accounting, and finance are among the many doctoral programs in management offered online. These programs are specialized enough to stand out on a resume for teaching or professional positions, but broad enough to include a multidisciplinary approach to the field of management that will benefit any career.

Northcentral University
DBA in Management
DBA in Project Mgmt
PhD in HR Management

Northcentral University -- The PhD in HR Management program at Northcentral University is a specialized program that focuses on HR information systems, compensation and staffing, professional development, labor relations and legal issues. The DBAs in Management and Project Management prepare students for senior management positions in which they will have to troubleshoot, manage, evaluate systems and programs, and effectively lead.

Capella University
PhD in Management
PhD in Project Mgmt
PhD in I.T. Mgmt
PhD in I.T. Project Mgmt

Capella University -- Capella University offers a PhD degree in General Organization and Management, as well as a PhD in project management, PhD in IT management, and PhD in IT project management. These degrees are increasingly valuable in today's economy, increasing the odds of winning jobs that require highly specialized and well educated workers.

Liberty University
DBA in Project Mgmts

Liberty University -- The DBA in Leadership gives students the information and qualifications they need to create and manage their own businesses, or go into venture analysis, business development consulting, business brokerage and business banking. Students have also gone on to consulting careers. The DBA in International Business combines information on effective policy making and management from a global standpoint. The DBA in Project Management prepares students for careers in high level management and consulting in information systems development.

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