Top 50 Blogs by Business Professors

One of the most exciting career fields is business. Those involved in business management have the chance to change the world and participate in the trends of the future. It also helps that the salary of a business professional can also be quite lucrative. If you are interested in business, you can find a great deal of information by reading the blogs of professors who are involved in business every step of the way. Here are 50 great blogs by business professors:

Management Blogs

Learn more about business management. Includes a number of blogs related to different management issues, including human resources.

  1. Work Matters: Bob Sutton offers helpful insights on managing others.
  2. Robert Saloman’s Blog: This NYU associate professor offers a look at management.
  3. Workplace Prof Blog: A helpful blog for those interested in workplace management.
  4. Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog: This Canadian professor shares insight into workplace law and practice.
  5. Supply Chain View from the Field: This MBA professor discusses supply chain management.

Economics and Finance Blogs

In order to succeed in business, it helps to have a solid understanding of how the economy works, as well as knowing about finance. Even personal finance can provide insight into business.

  1. The Deal Professor: Learn more about business financing, mergers and acquisitions and more.
  2. Managerial Econ: A great blog analyzing the economics of business practice.
  3. Greg Mankiw’s Blog: This economics professor offers one of the best takes on the economy.
  4. Truth on the Market: This blog addresses economics, business and even law. Authors include professors.
  5. Marginal Revolution: Looks at markets and economics.
  6. The Big Questions: This economics professor looks at finance, business, law and more on this site.
  7. Organizations and Markets: These professors take a look at business and the way the markets work.
  8. Financial Literacy and Ignorance: A look at personal finance — and what people don’t know about it.
  9. ProfessorVC: A great look at entrepreneurial finance.
  10. Wealth Management Prof Blog: A look at wealth management.

Marketing Blogs

Marketing is an essential part of business. Learn more about marketing, and its role in keeping the engine of business rolling.

  1. MarketingProfs: A great blog that can help you get a handle of the world of marketing. Authored by several marketing professors.
  2. Technology & Marketing Law Blog: This great blog addresses marketing from law and technology standpoints.
  3. Dr. Neil Hair: This marketing professor shares his thoughts.
  4. Life is a Sandbox: Elaine is an assistant dean of business and an associate professor of marketing at Champlain College.
  5. Brandthroposophy: Marketing professor Robert Kozinets offers insight on marketing, social media and research.

Law Blogs

Business law is an interesting field, and one that you should be aware of. In order to make sure that your business practices are on the level, it can help to have a look at business law. This section also includes some business ethics blogs.

  1. The Conglomerate: Various professors blog about the intersection of law with business and economics.
  2. Business Law Prof Blog: A great blog edited by a few business law professors.
  3. Corporate Law and Governance: Get a U.K. perspective on business and law.
  4. FCPA Professor: An interesting blog by a business law professor. It addresses the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  5. The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation: An insightful blog related to business, law and finance. A great look at business law issues.
  6. M & A Law Prof Blog: Commentary on the issues and laws related to mergers and acquisitions.
  7. Nancy Rapoport’s Blogspot: Learn more about governance, law and business.
  8. The Race to the Bottom: A look at business regulation and law. A collaboration between faculty and students.
  9. Securities Law Prof Blog: Another great blog related to corporate law.

Technology Blogs

Technology plays an increasingly large role in business. Learn about the intersection of business and technology from these professors.

  1. Tom Davenport: This professor at Babson College blogs for the Harvard Business Review and addresses issues related to technology and information.
  2. You can get great information on mobile computing and information systems, as it relates to business management.
  3. Andrew McAfee’s Blog: Learn about IT and the business impact it has.
  4. Technology and Organizations: How technology relates to organizations.
  5. The Week in Geek: A look at the intersection of technology and business strategy from a management professor.
  6. Open IT Strategies: More on IT, business and technology.
  7. information aesthetics: While not strictly a business blog, this blog offer helpful information that can help you incorporate better technology with business.

Leadership and Strategy Blogs

Get valuable insight about what it takes to be a leader, and the importance of business strategy. Helpful hints and plenty of solid insight.

  1. Professor Michael Roberto’s Blog: This blog offers great insights into decision making and leadership.
  2. Sustainable Business Design: An interesting look at how you can be a leader in sustainable business.
  3. Yoko Ishikura’s Blog: Learn about corporate strategy, with a touch of international business.
  4. The Blog of Professor Jeffrey D. Ford: A great look at leadership from this professor whose blog is hosted by BestThinking.
  5. Call of the Wild Blog: This corporate development blog addresses leadership, team building and more.

International Business Blogs

If you are interested in international business, you can learn from these professors. Keep up with international business issues and news.

  1. Business Exposed: This associate professor in Strategic & International Management at the London Business School has the inside scoop on what’s really going on.
  2. a href=””>Macrobuddies: A look at macroeconomics. Includes global economic commentary.
  3. The Blog of Prof. Czinkota: Includes information on international business and strategy.
  4. Prof. Jayanth R. Varma’s Financial Markets Blog: Follow news about business in India and around the world.
  5. Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Brad DeLong offers insight on the global economy and international business.

Business School and Education Blogs

Get helpful insights on business school, and business education, from these professors and deans who can offer ideas of what to expect, while making observations about current business trends.

  1. DeansTalk: These business deans talk about education and business management.
  2. Value Competition: This is an academic blog from a Rutgers Business School faculty member.
  3. Build Brand You: A great blog on careers for business students from a member of of the Rutgers staff.
  4. Robert F. Bruner, Dean: Read the blog of the University of Virgina Daden School of Business.
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