Top 50 Management Gurus Worth Following on Twitter

If you want management news, ideas, debate and updates quickly and at your fingertips, then you might rely on Twitter to deliver. If you follow any one of the top management gurus worth following on Twitter from our list below, you can tap into the best individual gurus, organizations, institutions, news and tools immediately.

Individual Gurus

  1. Revenue ManagementChris Abraham: Chris is an expert in social media and digital PR and president of Abraham Harrison, LLC.
  2. Daniel Ariely: A psychology professor who focuses on behavioral economics at Duke University and a founding member of the Center for Advanced Hindsight (MIT).
  3. Ken Blanchard: Ken is a speaker, business guru and author of over 50 books, including The One Minute Manager.
  4. Stephen R. Covey: Steven is the author of the international bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  5. Peter Drucker: A well-known management thinker, Peter Drucker is the premier business consultant mind of our times.
  6. Cornelius Fichtner: Cornelius is a project manager, PMP trainer, host of The PM Podcast, public speaker and a “gummi bear addict.”
  7. Umair Haque: Umair Haque is Director of the Havas Media Lab and author of The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a Disruptively Better Business.
  8. Alexandra L Harris: Follow Alexandra for insights into the Delphi Leadership Institute’s inspirational leadership education and research.
  9. Joan Henshaw: Joan is a managing employee performance coach who helps business owners and managers improve employee performance.
  10. Women In ManagementRoberta Hill: Roberta is a global leadership OD change consultant, master certified coach and assessment guru.
  11. John C Maxwell: John is a bestselling author and speaker on leadership with over 220,000 followers.
  12. Mike Morrison: Mike is a training, L&D, coaching and OD professional out of London, with over 12,000 followers.
  13. Josh Nankivel: Josh is helping new and aspiring project managers reach their career goals including gaining experience, education, PMP certification, and more.
  14. Tom Peters: Tom is a noted author, speaker and “professional agitator.”
  15. Daniel Pink: Daniel is the author of Drive, A Whole New Mind, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko and Free Agent Nation.
  16. Michael E. Porter: Porter is Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School and director, Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness.
  17. Fiona Talbot: Fiona helps companies and their leaders across the globe with her word power expertise, book series and e-support.
  18. Mark Walsh: Mark, an “embodied training manager with over 17,000 followers,” offers useful, funny and challenging Tweets about HR, leadership, stress, time management, team building and communication.
  19. Daniel K Wentzel: With over 35,000 followers, Daniel has made his mark as a skills development coach for management and ICT systems.
  20. Mary Wilson: Mary is a career coach, HR/OD consultant and trainer, “working to make the world a better place.”

Organizations and Institutions

  1. Army ManagementAMA: American Management Association is the world leader in management development, advancing your skills to boost your business success.
  2. APM Project Management: This is the professional body for the project management industry in the UK.
  3. CIPD: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is Europe’s largest HR & development professional body.
  4. Common Purpose: This registered charity runs leadership development courses internationally from the UK.
  5. Ethical Corporation: Nick Johnson and Toby Webb Tweet about CSR, sustainability and anti-corruption opinion, news and events from the UK.
  6. Leadership Institute: The Leadership Institute trains and places conservatives in politics, government and media and, in the process, hopes to increase the effectiveness of conservative activists.
  7. Management Tip: Get quick and practical management tips and ideas from Harvard Business Review.
  8. PMI: With over half a million members and credential holders in over 170 countries, Project Management Institute is the leading membership association for the project management profession.
  9. Project Management: Integrated Process Developers, Inc. offers project management tips, training and networking.
  10. TED News: Get your fill of all the news from leaders at TED, including TED Talks, TED Conferences, the TED Prize and more.
  11. The Fraser Institute: This is the account for Canada’s leading public policy think tank and its commumnications department.

Guru Tools

  1. Installation ManagementBlanchard LeaderChat: Program director, David Witt, compiles this conversation for the Ken Blanchard Companies.
  2. Business Wire: Monika Maeckle, VP/New Media and Amy Yen, Marketing Specialist are helping BW celebrate its 50th year as the global leader in press release distribution.
  3. ExecTweets: Follow the top business executives on Twitter, thanks to Microsoft.
  4. Focus: Focus is an online resource where professionals can freely access the research and expert advice they need to make better business decisions.
  5. HBR Exchange: Engage with business pros throughout the Twitterverse — create, debate and foster cutting-edge ideas through a service provided by Harvard Business Review.
  6. MeetTheBoss.Tv: Become the complete executive with exclusive video and audio lessons from the world’s most innovative and influential business leaders.
  7. OPEN Forum: This is the official American Express OPEN Twitter account, where you can tap into the collective ingenuity of other business owners.
  8. Team Builders Plus: Team Builders Plus leads engaging team building and leadership development sessions.
  9. Twitter Business: Get great management and leadership ideas from this account, designed for business, community groups, government organizations and schools.

Publication Gurus

  1. Installation ManagementBusinessweek: Bloomberg BusinessWeek stories and blog posts on business, finance, technology and more.
  2. Fast Company: Fast Company empowers innovators to challenge convention and create the future of business.
  3. Guardian Business: Latest financial, market and economic news and analysis from the Guardian’s business desk.
  4. McGraw-Hill Business: Global publishers of content for professionals in finance, marketing, six sigma, quality and management.
  5. McKinsey Quarterly: The goal is to offer new ways of thinking about management in the private, public and nonprofit sectors.
  6. New Business Books: Tweets about new business book releases on the day of their publication.
  7. NYT Small Business: A place where small-business owners can compare notes, ask questions, get advice, and learn from each other’s mistakes.
  8. The Economist: Official site for The Economist. Follow for article postings, updates and events.
  9. WSJ Business: The Wall Street Journal provides timely business news coverage.
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